Great contacts can be life changing.

Sunshine will remove pesky duplicates, ensure that all your contact information is up to date, and figure out whose info you are missing. Get started today by downloading Sunshine Contacts.

Great contacts are life changing

That’s why we are introducing Sunshine Contacts.

Imagine your contacts all in one place, with no duplicate entries, with phone numbers properly labelled as landline or mobile, enhanced with information from your email and public sources, with career info and LinkedIn profiles integrated, and with your own details at the ready to share with ease.  Having your contacts in order gives you confidence and fundamentally changes how you think and what you do.

Everyone’s contacts are a mess. Now you can make your contacts useful and usable with Sunshine Contacts.

My contacts couldn’t be any better.

— Said no one ever

As we built Sunshine Contacts, we talked to thousands of people. Do you know how many of them were perfectly happy with the state of their contacts? None, zero, nada.

We think that’s crazy. You should be able to get ahold of anyone you know when you need to. You shouldn’t have to worry about where their number is, whether you have it at all, whether they are still checking that email, whether they still work there, which in‑app direct messages they check and which ones they don’t.

It’s not just you. It’s everyone. People are really bad at keeping their contacts organized and up‑to‑date. Technology, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for this. Today’s technology can fix your contacts and keep them fixed over time. Sunshine Contacts makes contacts just work.

Improve your contacts

Sunshine improves your contacts using intelligent algorithms, your email data, public sources and more.

Sunshine will ask you about possible duplicates, preferred names, and even which contacts should be in your go-to list and which should just be available in search.

Before on iPhone Contacts

After on Sunshine

How does it work?

A glimpse into our technology

Sync Efortlessly

Once enabling sync, your “cleaned” contacts will automatically appear in Apple or Google (or both!)

And it goes both ways! With sync enabled, any contacts created or edited on Apple Contacts will automatically be cleaned by Sunshine and placed back into Apple for easy access. Try out sync today!


Contacts are among the most closely guarded data that any of us have.  Which is why, at Sunshine, we take your privacy extremely seriously.

You are in control of your information.  You decide who you want to connect with and what you want to share.

Further, there are no ads on Sunshine.  And we’ll never sell any of your personal information or contact information to any third party.  Ever.