Our Mission

Everyone likes to be thought of. Sunshine creates advanced technology to make mundane tasks effortless, free up your time, and make it easier to be thoughtful. We’ll achieve this by helping users:
  • Automate mundane tasks: We use intelligent algorithms to automate everyday tasks and free up your time.
  • Reduce organizational friction among friends: We make exchanging contact info quick and seamless so you can focus on human interaction.
  • Act thoughtfully toward those who matter: We offer insights and context as well as remind you of birthdays and life events.

  • Spend more time with people you love: We help you spend less time online, so you can spend time the way you want.

Making the Mundane Magical

In an era of amazing technological advances, the tools that help us manage the most important aspect of our lives – our personal relationships – have fallen far behind. The Internet and social media have given us powerful new ways to connect with people, but the essential technologies that help us stay connected to those who matter most to us are antiquated. They’ve been around forever and we all see them as ‘good enough,’ despite their outsized impact on our interactions and relationships.

When Enrique and Marissa discussed starting a company, these were the questions they came to focus on. Why are our phone lists, calendars, texts, and email so disorganized and difficult to manage? Why is it still hard to keep up with our friends’ job and address changes? Why aren’t artificial intelligence and other new technologies being used to reinvent these everyday social tasks that take up so much of our time and often serve only to increase friction in our lives?

They founded Sunshine in order to solve these “mundane” problems. Social platforms may have mastered sharing at scale, but no one has mastered the challenge of helping people easily share the right info, with the right people, at just the right moment. Sunshine’s mission is to build products that save you time, improve your day, and make it easier to be more thoughtful.

Core Values

User First1

Put the
User First

and second and third

Practical Problems

Practical Problems

that make a difference


for Scale

 with technical excellence



and take risks


Sunshine Contacts is the first in a series of planned product releases. It’s foundational because it helps us gather information about contacts and relationships, but it’s just the beginning.

In the future, Sunshine anticipates offering related products that help people with scheduling, event organization, small group communication, and more.



Company Culture

Every company’s culture is unique. Sunshine’s is no different. We like working on everyday, practical problems. People matter a lot to us. We put our users first in everything we design and build. And, our team is everything. We like working with smart, nice people who value diversity and get things done.

Also, we like ice cream.  We have it every Friday and have lots of opinions.  Come prepared.


Marissa Mayer

Previously CEO of Yahoo and an early employee at Google. Degrees from Stanford in Symbolic Systems and Computer Science with a focus on artificial intelligence.

Enrique Muñoz Torres

Previously SVP of Search and Advertising at Yahoo and Product Manager at Google. Degree from MIT in Computer Science and Engineering.